Baju Amrita
Baju Amrita
Baju Amrita
Baju Amrita
Rp 3.500.000,00

Baju Amrita

High neck. Keroncang details. Baloon sleeves. Organic hemp.

Inspired by the traditional embroidery of Bukittingi, West Sumatra, this fine and smooth embroidery with loops in between.

*Products may vary in colour, shapes and forms as all our loves are handmade by unique human beings

Lingkaran Badan : 100 cm
Panjang Bahu : 11 cm
Panjang Baju : 61 cm

Lingkaran Badan : 104 cm
Panjang Bahu : 11.5 cm
Panjang Baju : 62 cm