Arm Cushion Sebaran Ayam

Rp 250.000,00

Hand Stamped Batik

To be your favorite cuddly friend, your comfy arm rest or simply to decorate your sofa, our arm cushion is your ideal choice.

*Products may vary in colour, shapes and forms as all our loves are handmade by unique human being 


Pattern: Classic Sebaran Ayam
Handmade Process: Hand Stamped batik
Size: 47 x 22 cm
Color: Indigo
Material: 100% High Quality Primissima Cotton

Washing Guide
For first phase of washing fabric using baby shampoo.
Hand wash for better result mild detergent/baby shampoo.
Separate the darker colored pieces with lighter color pieces.
Do not bleach, Cold water wash.
Do not wring or twist the batik.
Lay flat dry, avoid direct sunlight.
Warm iron and iron while still little damp.


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