Atasan Humba Bukit

Rp 3.900.000,00

Sejauh Humba Ikat

Across Sumba, women weavers are dancing in pure joy when their tenun ikat cloth is being loved. These exclusive tenun ikat are inspired by the rolling hills of Sumba that needs a place to call home

We invest a portion of our tenun ikat proceeds for the people of Sumba, who bring our remarkable textiles come to life.

We explore, design and handmade its textiles using age old techniques. To preserve the texture and color of the product, we encourage you to observe the following


•As the products are made of material dyed by dyestuff, please wash it separately as it may release the dye •Please hand wash with cold water and do not use bleach •When drying outside, please dry in shaded area inside out. Keep out of direct sunlight

•Recommend to wash before wearing it for the first time •Please avoid wearing it over / under white or light color garment


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