Baju Lombok

Rp 1.000.000,00

Hand Screen

An extension to our beloved pastime, Baju Lombok, offers simplicity to a unique and effortless look you may please to pair it with.

Detail Size
Lingkar Badan: 128 cm
Lingkar Leher: 62 cm
Panjang Baju: 65 cm
Panjang Tangan: 50 cm

Lingkar Badan: 132 cm
Lingkar Leher: 66 cm
Panjang Baju: 67 cm
Panjang Tangan: 52 cm

Lingkar Badan: 144 cm
Lingkar Leher: 68 cm
Panjang Baju: 69 cm
Panjang Tangan: 54 cm

*Products may vary in colour, shapes and forms as all our loves are handmade by unique human beings


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