Baju "Yama"
Baju "Yama"
Baju "Yama"
Baju "Yama"
Baju "Yama"
Rp 1.600.000,00

Baju "Yama"

Casual full sleeve white blouse embellished with recycled fabric trimming at the edges

This product is designed as a part of our Daur Collection. We use recycled fabrics as our way to help reduce textile wastes.

Size Guide
Bust: 120 cm
Shoulder Length: 22 cm
Sleeve Length: 32 cm
Arm Hole: 43 cm 
Length: 66 cm

Bust: 124 cm
Shoulder Length: 23 cm
Sleeve Length: 33 cm
Arm Hole: 46 cm
Length: 69 cm

Bust: 130 cm
Shoulder Length: 25 cm
Sleeve Length: 36 cm
Arm Hole: 46 cm
Length: 71 cm