Baju Padma
Baju Padma
Baju Padma
Rp 1.200.000,00

Baju Padma

Print on Tencel

An extension to our beloved pastime, with our ayam garis patterns. 

In this collection we are using TENCEL™ which are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. This capsule collection offers you sustainable, breathable and gentle on skin fabrics.

*Products may vary in colour, shapes and forms as all our loves are handmade by unique human beings


Lingkar Badan: 108 cm
Panjang Bahu: 14 cm
Panjang Lengan: 23 cm
Lingkar Lengan: 50 cm
Panjang Baju: 56 cm

Lingkar Badan: 114 cm
Panjang Bahu: 15 cm
Panjang Lengan: 24 cm
Lingkar Lengan: 52 cm
Panjang Baju: 58 cm

Lingkar Badan: 118 cm
Panjang Bahu: 17 cm
Panjang Lengan: 25 cm
Lingkar Lengan: 58 cm
Panjang Baju: 60 cm