Kebaya Pendek Daur Putih

Rp 2.000.000,00

Hand Stamped

The idea behind our kebaya is to contemplate on our Indonesian traditional blouse and combining unique silhouettes, to suit a modern feel to your outfits A delightful accessory to your casual outfit decorated in our signature by the hand screen process.

Lingkar Badan: 97 cm
Lingkar Lengan: 46 cm
Panjang Lengan: 58 cm
Panjang Bahu: 12 cm
Panjang Baju: 56 cm

Lingkar Badan: 101 cm
Lingkar Lengan: 48 cm
Panjang Lengan: 59 cm
Panjang Bahu: 13 cm
Panjang Baju: 57 cm

Color: White
Material: Cotton

This product is a part of our Daur Collection in which we use our excess fabric from the production of our garments. It is our way to help reduce textile waste. Each items are unique, there will be some differences in motive placement and colour. The product that you will receive will not be exactly the same like the attached photos. Therefore, the return of our mask with the cause of not 'not similar to the picture' is not acceptable..


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